The Law on Lobbying



The Law on Lobbying (“Official Gazette of RS” no. 87/2018) (“Law”), adopted by the Serbian Parliament on 9 November 2018, will come into force on 14 August 2019. The Law, as a part of anti-corruption legislation, regulates which persons may perform lobbying and necessary conditions for such activity, persons involved in process of lobbying, registers of lobbyists, competence of the Anti-Corruption Agency and other matters.

Under the Law, lobbying may be performed by a natural person or legal entity if they are registered in Registers prescribed by the Law.

The Law defines also a lobbying beneficiary and a lobbied person. The Anti-Corruption Agency is, inter alia, competent for maintenance of the relevant Registers which content is prescribed by the Law, decides on registration with a relevant register, removing from a register. The Law also prescribes elements of the conduct of lobbying.